Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer in NJ

Hello Friends,
We have had a busy few days doing lots of fun summer things. The local Farm Fair has arrived and we spent a few hours yesterday visiting the cutest farm animals.

I know, it's just a cow, but you had to see it in person. The teenagers had to wrestle these huge animals all over the tent for about 20 minutes to try and get them into the appropriate positions for judging. They wash the cows with special color enhancing shampoo to make them bright white and they even polish their hooves.

A baby goat sleeping against her mama.

A goat with funny little ears...and a funky necklace.

Ebony and Ivory.

Polka dotted goat in a box.

Enjoying a snow cone.



And then my sister and I headed out to the city for a Phillies game.

The game started fine.

Then came the thunder, lightning and then the pouring rain.
Rain delay for about an hour.

And then the sun returned just in time to set.

We took lots of silly pictures. Most of which my sister has so I will have to share them later.

The Philles lost...bad! But we had a great time anyway.

I did manage to get into the studio to get a little something done.

This is my latest painting that I'm going to hang somewhere in my house. It's actually quite large and I'm putting it in this cool Ikea frame. She's not completely finished. She needs a little bird or some butterflies or something.

We'll see...

I'll try to remember to show you when she's all finished and in her forever place.

More portraits are on the way just in case you like this one:)

Enjoy your weekend!!


Micki said...

Aww look at all those cute animals, we used to have a goat when I was little (his name was Rusty) I just love them, the polka dotted one is gorgeous!!

Love your new painting, I really like the oval shape too, i've only done a handful of paintings on ovals but they always look great :)

Micki x

Trisha said...

The animal photos are so cute- I had a goat when I was little named Taffy. Goats are so much fun to watch when they are playing. I have never seen one spotted like that- so cute! Oh and the baby ducks- adorable. Thanks so much for sharing.

I love the painting. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Cris said...

Great pictures. The animal are so cute. I bet the kids had a ball! I really like the colors on your latest painting. It's fun to paint something for your self!

michelle said...

I honestly did think to myself-
"wow that cow is white!" before I read your explanation. Love the new painting, does she have pattern hair? Hae a great weekend!

pinkglitterfae said...

I love looking at the cute animal pics! I used to have some chicks when I was young, and they followed me around the yard like I was there mom.
Sounds like you had a fun filled day!
Can't wait to see your finished pic too :-)

sMacThoughts said...

Looks like a beautiful day to me...the fair, the animals, the game (even if it was a loss, Baseball games are great!) The painting is stunning, of course!!

The Vintage Sister said...

Yes Michelle, her hair is made from an old sewing pattern. It's so fun to work with.

julie king said...

what a BIG and very white cow! it looks like a fun day. i'm sure your boys enjoyed every minute of it. the portrait is just lovely, especially the hair.