Friday, January 8, 2010

A Peek and a Dream

This is the peek.

Snowy and a few other friends will be up for sale on January 13th over at
Spooky Time Jingles. I made a few little characters with tons of vintage detail so be sure to stop by and take a look.


This is the dream. I dream of a lovely, welcoming front porch, and this is it! Of course the pile of gifts have to go but the rest is just dreamy. I love the red, white and green together and not only for Christmas. My porch is probably one tenth the size of this onebut I'm on a mission to give my porch some spice.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Visit my Flickr to see more photos of what I will be offering at STJ.

Enjoy your day:)


Micki said...

Love your snowman creation, and that front porch looks devine, I can see why you would want it!!
I don't even have a front porch let alone pretty things to put on it lol!!

Anonymous said...

I love the snowman with the little wagon!! Elma

sUz said...

hOoRay tRaCy! I'm so happy you're back with STJ! We've missed you :)

LOVE all the new things - you have been a very busy girl!

I'm so envious that all you girls live so near each other for creative day trips, sigh.

And I ADORE the front porch photo too.

sUz :)

Micki said...

lol, your forgetting I live in the UK, we love the rain *NOT*, why would you stand under something to stay dry why you could be in the cold and wet getting soaked ;)

Micki x

The Vintage Sister said...

Ah Micki, you know sarcasm is a must in a friend of mine!!