Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Tornado?

If only I could blame a natural disaster for this mess.
I guess I can blame hurricane Tracy but why would I do that?
I've been working on several pieces for my upcoming Spooky Time Jingles re-debut.
After taking some time off to get myself in order and organized, sweet Dani from STJ has allowed me to sneak on back into the group. They really are the most amazing group of artists and I'm so happy to be a part of it again. So don't forget to stop on by January 13th for lots of Christmas, Halloween and this month, Valentines Day goodies.

Speaking of Dani, I had the best time a few weeks back when Dani and Marie Patterson visited me for a day of lunch and crafting. We talked, ate baked macaroni and cheese and home made tomato soup, and made these fun wreaths.

Dani with her "glue station" she brought.
So prepared!

Marie putting us to shame with her anal retentive perfectly made cones.
Sorry Marie, I'm just jealous;)

The studio all set up before we started.

The lunch table

You can make one too for literally pennies. Check out this tutorial. She says for you to buy a foam wreath form but I found that cutting a donut shape from a piece of sturdy cardboard worked much better was free. So really, if you use a paper back book you have lying around and a recycled cardboard form, all you need to buy are hot glue sticks. I think I used two? So this craft may cost you
( I just noticed there is no "cent" sign on the keyboard??? I'm getting old.)

Look how cute it looks hanging in my hallway.
Give it a try.
You can also make them into more interesting shapes, square, oval, trapezoid...just kidding.

Ok, I'm off to the studio for some fun.
Enjoy your day!!


Lexi said...

I was flabbergasted when you said there was no cent sign on the keyboard. I had to look down and check! Nope, none on mine either! That wreath looks fabulous. And that lunch sounds wonderful too!

runningonink said...

Happy New Year Tracy! This wreath is just gorgeous! I might have to make me one of these! Toooo cute! No cent sign has been bugging me for a while! LOL!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

LOL!!! We did have a blast making those wreaths!! I can't wait until we have another get together and I'm soooo happy to hear that I got you outside for a refreshing walk in the wind!
Can't wait to see your new creations for SpookyTimeJingles!!!!


Skelly Addict said...

HOORAY glad to hear you're coming back to STJ! Those wreaths like so guys sure had a lot of FUN!!

~dani~ said...

Hey sweet friend!! Marie and I soo had a ball at your house. Seriously. I so wish I have had time to blog about it b/c it was a treat.

I snorted out loud when I saw your work table..finally a REAL studio space. That clean crap you had for us was ridiculous ;) lmao

Sue said...

hmmmmm, that first pic looks fairly organized to me LOL.

Loved seeing the pics of Marie and Dani, etc. It looks like you had a great deal of fun and the wall pieces are wonderful!

btw... to make the ¢ sign, hold down either one of the alt keys and on the number pad on the left of your keyboard, hit 0162. Let go of the alt key and you will have the ¢ symbol!

The Vintage Sister said...

Lol, thanks Sue! Good grief, that seems like a lot of work for a little symbol, doesn't it?
At least I know it's there if I ever need it:)

Micki said...

Looks like you girls had great fun and the wreaths are adorable!!

Micki x

Ronnie said...

Happy New Year, Tracy! You're off to a great start. Can't wait to see what Valentine goodness you make. HAHAHa! LOVE those New Year's pictures!!!

noodle and lou said...

oooh cute pics of your crafting time with dani and marie! how fun! the wreath is adorable! xox...jenn