Sunday, January 24, 2010


I stayed up late last night painting.
for some strange reason, when I get an idea in my head,
I get intimidated.
I don't know why.
I find myself doing a lot of thinking and very little painting.
Avoiding my studio.

So in need of some relaxation, and being tired of avoiding,
I decided to paint one of my sketches I showed you the other day.
Why do I fight doing something I love?
The result is NOT what I was looking for but it's a start.
I know I'll never get what I'm looking for unless
I just get in there and STOP thinking.

mixed media: acrylics and pencil with
map of Texas on compressed wood

It's a dreary dark day here in NJ so the pictures
are a bit dark but you get the idea.

Don't forget Jane austen lovers,

a new version of Emma is on Masterpiece Theatre tonight!!

What a perfectly splendid way to spend a rainy Sunday evening:)

A happy week to you all:)


Anonymous said...

She is super cute! I wish I could paint faces the way you do! They ROCK! Dark and icky day here in WI too! Planning to work in my studio :) Have a wonderful Sunday!

Lexi said...

I LOVE your artwork. It is so lovely, light and carefree. There is something that speaks to me in all of the pieces you have done. This painting is no different. Pure delight! And thanks for the reminder anout Emma, I can't wait! And I had forgotten, so this is wonderful!

Cris said...

I love how she turned out. I love her expression. Your colors are so soft. I always tend to gravitate toward painting with reds, greens, and golds. I don't know why! I really like your pallet though! It is dark and dreary here in the St. Louis area too. I don't mind though--I sort of like it.

I will surely check out Emma--my daughters and I love Jane Austen.

Sue said...

Fabulous! Love how you combine your colours, shading and the textural interest of paper.

Micki said...

Beautiful painting, love her hair!
Your making me want to paint something in yellow too...hmmm yellow!???

I think your going to love the new version of Emma, I know I did...Johnny lee miller as Mr knightly...ooh yes please!!! ;)

Micki x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I love your work - and I love the resources you use too. I make books and love using maps nad music amongst others. I also make cards ;-)

Beautiful beautiful beautiful blog x

julie king said...

i think she's precious! i could write a whole story about how she is dreaming of returning to her home in texas but is too caught up in the ice flowers in her new canadian home. please finish her. i'd like to see how the bird and she interact. ((hugs))