Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I have the blahs.
I'm letting a very short haircut grow out and
I'm about three weeks past due for my usual haircut.
I have way too much hair all from the ears up.
Sort of like a Q-tip.
Needless to say, not a good look.
I hope I can persevere.
I have an appointment with my hairdresser tomorrow so hopefully
she can do something to make the next six months bearable.
So my hair and I hid indoors today and worked
on some sketches for my new series of portraits.
I have this really cool (to me) idea in my head but
I'm not quite sure how to execute it to get the mood I'm looking for.

Know what I mean?
Me neither.

Here are a few shots of my day with my trusty sketch assistant, who's hair always looks fabulous, by the way.

She says this one has hair like me. I agree!


Heidi said...

I really like your sketches! If your hair looks like the last sketch than it must be very pretty indeed!

sMacThoughts said...

OHHH! Love kitty's expression. Sorry about the bad hair day[s]. They are no fun. But there are always cool scarves or hats?! I have worn mine long for so long but am well aware what I look like with short, shorter, shortest. None of that is for me. I am a long hair kinda gal. Your sketches are so wonderful!

jen duncan said...

I haven't had a bad hair day in quite some time (which probably coincides with me not wavering from the same style for quite some time) but OH do I remember how it would give me the blahs! No fun at all :-( Keep busy making your lovely art and it'll grow back out before you know it. :-)

Micki said...

Ha!! you've not had a bad hair till you've dyed it from black to turquoise, bleaching it 6 times and then having to cut off half your head of hair, and wait 2 years for it to start looking healthy again. thats bad ;)

Love your latest sketches, your ladies are getting more and more beautiful, can't wait to see more paintings!

micki x

Anonymous said...

Love the sketches!! The second one is my favorite. Can't wait to see her all finished:) Elma