Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back to Business!

Hello Friends,
I'm sorry if you keep popping by only to find the same lame post day after day.
The truth is I've been in sort of a blog slump.
But I think it's over so let's get back to business!

Yes, we received a TON more snow since my last snowy complaint so maybe
someone is trying to tell me something.
No more complaining!

A winter wonderland.

Looks like something from the Winter Olympics.


Alex eats his weight in snow every time he goes out...gross.


Today is the Spooky Time Jingles update day and here are my February offerings.

I'm also offering Free Shipping!! so check them out on my page here.
Enjoy your weekend.


Micki said...

Wow look at all your snow, thats heaps!!

Love your bunny spoolies, too cute!!

Micki x

Rebecca said...

I love the bunny! So cute and what beautiful work. Thank you for sharing! ~Rebecca

michelle said...

Wow! They wish they had that snow at the Olympics! Love your offerings!

Sue said...

Your snow shots are beautiful, and, as Michelle said - they only wish they had that snow in Vancouver!

Love your new work!

.....hahaha, my word verification is "mound" (as in mound of snow?)