Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Back....I Think.

Hello Friends,
I know I said I was ready to get back to business.
I honestly meant it.
But my computer had other ideas and decided to get sick.
The horror of not being able to log on to the web
and search for all of the random information I need.
I use the computer to supplement my less than stellar mathematical skills
and to double check my spelling of simple words that if I say them
over and over again in my head, they sound wrong.
Only to find that I was right the very first time.
Whatever did I do before the PC?

Anyway, it seems to be doing fine so I'll share with you what I was going to share last week.

How I spent my Valentine's Day
By Tracy Nuskey Dodson

On Valentine's Day I spent the day watching men and boys of all ages scream and yell at half naked muscular men in a ring. Yes, a WWE show.
This was supposed to be a boys only trip but the show was postponed twice due to snow and my Brother In-law wisely decided to spend the day with his wife on this most romantic day of the year. So I was nominated to fill in.

So we made signs.

We colored them in.

I took lots of poor pictures as usual.

The boys had a great time and I'm happy I got to watch them
scream, yell and cheer at their favorite wrestlers.
Alex later told his Uncle all about the three on three girl match he missed
where all the girls were "hot."
And that's how I spent my Valentine's Day.
Romantic, huh?


sMacThoughts said...

Oh gosh, Tracy, you are a GOOD sport. I am sure you will be rewarded for this deed. Sorry about your computer; yes, I know firsthand what you went through! Glad to see you back!

Micki said...

lol sounds like fun!! The things we do for our kids eh? ;)

Micki x

Ronnie said...

HAH HA HA! I loved reading this. Being the mother of three sons, I get it! I've been to a few of these events and have dusted around lots of rubber wrestling action figures.
Good memories you jogged. My boys are big now.