Friday, February 26, 2010

Thinking Springy Thoughts

As I sit here it snows, and snows, and snows.
It's been snowing for over 24 hours and for what seems like the entire winter.
I need the sun!
I need to be able to drink my tea on the patio under my big red umbrella.
Pictures help me remember.

I send you springy thoughts this lovely weekend!


sMacThoughts said...

I can't imagine this weather, but I for one would welcome a few more blizzards. I like utterly non-wimpy winters, so bring it on, and send me yours if you'd like. Imagine how much more magical this warm weather like in your photos will feel after a tough winter like what you've endured! :D

trisha said...

I hope spring arrives soon, thanks for the lovely pictures. Although the weather hasn't been terribly bad here in NC, it has been colder than normal. The daffodils look like they are ready to bloom any minute, so I think spring might be coming. :)

Sue said...

Last weekend when we had sun, and no snow, flowers like these seemed like a very distinct possibility. After our snow storms over the past two days however, these images take on a bit of a fantasy
element. LOL

Spring WILL come!!!


Suzanne MacCrone said...

I'm right there with you sister! It's so cold here that I promised my husband that I would not complain about how hot the summers are here. I say that now...

Stay warm and cuddle up.

Ciao bella,

Candylei said...

Ohhh, look at your hostas! I love them, too! It's snowing here as well and snow showers predicted off and on all week! It will make spring that much more beautiful.

Ronnie said...

Oh thank you, dear. I needed that more than I realized.
Beautiful boys. Beautiful hosta.

I Own The Internet said...

So here it is, the cutest blog online! Those plants look so real, so alive, the city here can be so intimidating, but your blog is a breath of fresh are to the smog that is my commute! So tell me, what did you think of my blog? I'd love to say hello again :)