Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have wanted to do these for quite some time but kept putting it off because
I thought it would be too hard.
I was so wrong!

1. First I took a clear profile picture of the boys with my digital camera.
2. I uploaded them to my computer and printed them out full size on 8.5x11 paper.
3. I used a fine black marker to trace the outline of their silhouette.
4. I then used my scanner/copier to adjust the size of my silhouettes to fit the frames I purchased from Joanns and then I printed out a copy of each.
5. I taped my copy to a sheet of nice black paper (I used Canson pastel paper) and used a new x-acto blade to cut out the silhouette, following the black line.
6. For the last step I used double sided tape to mount the silhouettes onto pieces of white Canson for the background and popped them into frames.
It took me about an hour to do both.
Easy peasy!


CourtneyP said...

They turned out great. I did mine of the boys a few years ago and it always makes me smile to see them.

Sue said...

I love silhouettes - they are ageless!

Your boys make great models!


michelle said...

I am really big on silhouettes of my kis right now too. Isn't it amazing how much of who they are shows up just in a sihouette?

The Vintage Sister said...

Thanks ladies!!
Oh Michelle, I wanted to kiss the paper after I cut out the first one. It IS amazing how much they capture their personality.