Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

Hello Friends,
Spring break is winding down and we are trying to enjoy every minute. The weather was just like summer. So much so that we spent the day at the beach. The boys said the water was so cold that it hurt but that didn't stop them from splashing around for hours.

They were also adding sand to the beach that eroded during the winter storms.
The sea birds run around catching the small fish and "seafood" that washes out
of the machines.
So on Monday, it's back to nightly homework and studying.
Back to early mornings and early bedtimes.
Enjoy your weekend!


Cris said...

I love the beach pictures. Living in the midwest we are no less than 12 hours to any beach! I miss it so has been about 4 years. I am saving my art money to try to afford to rent a little place near the sea this summer! I love the boys with their Easter goodies~

Sue said...

Ah, love the water pics. We are well inland (although we do have a small lake in town) and I love the ocean!

Glad the weather was so good for you - we had almost 80 degrees last weekend and today we had some snowflakes!