Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday morning bliss...easy.

easy, delicious, sunday morning donuts.
all you need is...

biscuit dough and cinnamon & sugar...

break out the fryer
or a heavy pot with vegetable oil.

use a small, round cookie cutter to cut
out the center.
8 donuts + 8 donut holes!

fry up the holes, turning them over after the bottoms
turn golden
(they usually turn themselves over)

a little rest on some paper towels.

big guys next, same thing, turning them over after they turn golden.
i like to let them get a darker golden because it gives them a
little bit of crunch. yum!

while one batch is in the fryer, give the others
a dip in the cinnamon sugar mixture while they are still warm.

see? easy!

here are the results.
now get to the gym!!


Micki said...

MMMMM looks yummy!!

michelle said...

My kids love those! In fact I made spudnuts from scratch one time and they told me they liked the biscuit kind better!

Cris said...

MMmmmm! That was always our "first day of summer vacation" tradition when the kids were little. I would make a batch of those early in the morn and the kids and I would eat them in their tree house and discuss our plans for a great summer! You made me crave those!!

Sue said...

Yum!!! Love cinnamon and sugar......not only tastes great, but smells wonderful too!


Suzanne MacCrone said...

YUMMY!...and oh, so good for you too!

Mary said...

What a neat idea! Gonna try it!