Sunday, September 26, 2010

fall fun!

whenever we visit adamstown our favorite place to visit is shupp's grove.
it's this amazing outdoor antique venue underneath a grove of trees.
every table has stuff we love so we spend the entire day digging through old junk and vintage treasures.
my sister and i both bought a lot of goodies but my sister especially got a lot of good stuff!
you can check out her shop here, and her blog here.

the weather was beautiful and under the shade of the trees it was nice and cool.
the only hazard were the big acorns falling from the trees hitting the tables and our heads.
every time a breeze blew we all ran for cover under the vendor tents.

one of our favorite places in shupp's grove is the yellow cottage.

it's this cute little yellow house that's plopped smack in the middle of the woods.
the woman that owns it makes the most imaginitive things for your home
and everything is made from re-purposed finds.
she is soooo creative!!
take a look.

this angel would look great in a garden or even on a wall.

i fell in love with these pumpkins immediately!

and she always uses old playing cards tied with jute twine for her price tags.

so simple but genius!

here are the two that came home with me.

i love that she never paints anything but just leaves them in their natural state.
the pumpkins i bought are made from the artificial pumpkins you buy at the craft store
but she also had bags of pumpkin making kits that just held eclectic metal parts to make your own,
sort of like mr. potato head.

so the next time you go junking, be sure to collect some old drawer pulls
and rusty springs to make your own.

my sister and i will be adding some of our adamstown finds in our vintage shops soon so stop on by.


wishing you a wonderful week:)


Sandy Mastroni said...

I love your Mr. Potato Head pumpkin heads !
what a great little shop
I am so happy you took 'large ' photos so I could see all the details
You're so blessed to have a sister friend !!!!!
have a great week Tracy ... hope all your house stuff is going well

mystele said...

thank you for this! i was just looking through all my vintage rusty goodies recently. now i know how to use them for fall! yay!!!

Isabel said...

Thanks for sharing:O) I love finding ne w treasures too love those pumpkins they are too cute:O)

CourtneyP said...

Love it!! Hmmm I wonder if I could make a day trip out of it.

Elizabeth Leigh said...

Ahh Shupps Grove! I haven't been yet but we are planning to head out there for the end of season sale on Oct 30th! I'm SO excited!