Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a special thanks.

Thank you M&M Mars for making your
3 Musketeers miniature candy bar wrapping washer and dryer proof.

an already stressed out mom that has had enough things ruined in the past few weeks to last her a lifetime:) 


Diane Duda said...

Hope things are getting back to normal at your house.

Micki said...

Phew!! lucky escape!! I found a kerplunk stick, a ds lite pen, a one penny and a tissue all in one wash in the washing machine the other week!! kids eh?


Micki x

nacherluver said...

Ha ha ha ha! I can sooo relate!

Cris said...

How wonderful! I bet you could even put it in the fridge and then eat it!! That's the best part! One time, somehow, a tube of red lipstick went through my wash and dryer! Hardly anything could be salvaged~

Isabel said...

Too funny! Yes little munchkins love to leave us surprises and make our heart rate go up!!:O) Have an awesome weekend:O)