Saturday, October 2, 2010

wishing you.

the house is pretty much back to it's former glory except for a few minor touch ups.
a little paint here and a little carpentry there...

we are going to have our first realxing weekend in almost a month.
wishing you a relaxing weekend too!


Micki said...

So glad everything is done for you, must have been a horrible shock when it happened.
I bet you will truly love it more now after all of that :)


Micki x

mystele said...

yay!!! what a blessing!

Sue said...

I can hear the huge sigh of relief.....and your place looks great.

Have a relaxing weekend!


michelle said...

So glad that fiasco is over! And that the candy bar had a happy ending! Gotta love kids!

Elizabeth Leigh said...

I found your blog somehow and am really enjoying it! I especially love those comfy leather chairs you have in the picture above - wherever did you get them!? I'm in LOVE with them!! :-)