Wednesday, September 22, 2010

in the studio...kind of.

i never realized how much my surroundings affect my mood.
i now know that living in a mess gives me major anxiety.
my studio is a disaster.
between the everyday mess from working and then the mess from the flood, my studio isn't an inspiring place to work these days.
but, yesterday i started on a giant canvas i had laying around.
in one of my articles i wrote for Somerset Studios, i mentioned that i had a big bag of raffle tickets i was planning on using for something.
this is what i did!

i covered the entire canvas in tickets.

i painted it black and drew in my angel.

i was happy until i added the hair.

i used sewing pattern tissue and i'm not sure about it.
I want to do giant wings made from vintage paper from an old hymnal so i need contrast but something about it isn't working for me.
i think i need to just finish it and then take another look at the hair.
maybe it will look different.

i'm off to take my morning walk.
enjoy your day!!!


claire barone art said...

tracy she is really brilliant its nice to work outside if the weather agrees hope you got your prints ok ... im sorry about the flood my studio has been flooded twice its heart breaking and the mess and the smell takes a long time to get rid of ... hugs Claire x

XUE said...

Quite relieved whenever I read that someone else has a messy studio since mine is messy most times :) . The tickets-canvas looks like a quilt ! Happy Mooncake Festival as that's what we are celebrating now. Happy weekend too!

Diane said...

Oh my goodness--your creative soul just amazes me!!