Sunday, September 19, 2010

a movie and a snuggle.

hey folks!
just checking in from the pit.
that's what i like to call my house of dirty concrete floors these days.
still waiting for the new floors to come in.
soon. soon. soon.
that's my mantra.

i wanted to share a good movie to snuggle on the couch with this fall.

BBC's north & south with the oh so yummy Richard Armitage.
it's a long one but i definitely recommend watching it all at once.
 so set aside a few hours.
you won't want to wait,  i promise.

a happy week to you!


Micki said...

I do hope it all gets sorted out for you soon hun, nothing like a good film session to cheer you up though, I watched the bbc's pride and prejudice series on dvd back to back the other week, I got a sore bum from all that sitting down it's about 6 hours long lol!! ;)

Micki x

The Vintage Sister said...

so worth it micki! i love that series:)

Cris said...

I will have to check that out and see if it is on Netflix. I remember the mini series on TV of North and South with Patrick Swayze. That was good too.

Sue said...

"The pit"....really does paint a mind- pic. LOL. Hoping your new floors are laid soon!

This looks like a movie I would definitely enjoy.


michelle said...

My sister and I were obsessed with that series last year! I love it! I just may have to watch it again now that you have brought it up. Have you watched Larkrise to Candleford? Love it too.