Monday, November 15, 2010


a few weeks ago alex was running around in a room he had no business running around in and tripped over a cord that goes to my hearing aid gizmo.
this gizmo allows me to listen to the tv with the sound down so i can watch whatever i want even while the boys are awake.
needless to say i have really come to rely on this thing.
so he trips on the cord, rips it out of the wall and breaks it in two pieces.
today i call the company to reorder the part and they tell me it will cost me $25.
so when alex came home from school i said "you know, that cord you broke is going to cost $25. to replace."
to which he replied "well, maybe that can be one of your christmas presents."
one of MY christmas presents? huh.
he's lucky he's so darn cute:) 


sugar Creek said...

yep, gotta love em! Mine told me yesterday that we left them here at home to rot and die while my husband and I went away for the weekend to do some Christmas shopping!

Micki said...

Lol kids eh?

Ethan had his mobile phone confiscated by me the other day cus he managed to sign up to some random thing that charged him £4.50(about $7) a week for him to download tunes on his no!! ;)

Micki x

Micki said...

The owl madness sure has kicked in on my blog, I blame mystele really lol, ever since I took her online course last year, I started 'seeing' owls and other critters everywhere.
I decided it was time to give in and paint them all out of my system lol ;)

I'm a mean mum, I also made Ethan give up his weekly hot dinner money we give him for school and he's had sandwiches all week instead, he's not a happy bunny lol
He'll be back to hot dinners again next week though, he's hardly starving ;)

Gotta love those kids

Micki x

michelle said...

My mom has always told me it is a good thing they are so cute!