Sunday, January 9, 2011

new work, new plans, new dreams.

hello friends and a belated happy new year to you!
what have i been up to since christmas?
probably the same as you.
i ate too much and drank too little.
now i am in need of a little diet and a lot of exercise.
i tore apart the house and bought a million dollars worth of plastic storage bins from target.
i wrestled the treadmill out of the garage and into the house, only to find that it's in need of repair.
husband promises to take a look at it.
i planned and booked our (my sister and i) 4 th annual trip to adamstown, pa for the spring extravaganza.
oh how i need a weekend of treasure hunting!
i sent out the invites to my second monthly CrafTEA Ladies Night where old friends and new friends come to my home for an evening of crafts, tea and chat. so fun!!
it has snowed twice since christmas...not a good sign, and more is expected on tuesday. i'm not a big fan of winter and snow just does me in. a dusting here and there is ok but when the roads get bad and i'm stuck indoors...ugh!
i received my very first gardening catalog in the mail the other day and promptly went to the studio and created this...

i cut roses from the pages and pasted them right on.
she, like me, is dreaming of spring!
this piece will be in the shop some time this week.

also in the creative department, the january update for spooky time jingles, the 13th, is right around the corner so stop back for a preview of my pieces for this month.
i have a kooky halloween painting and a few valentine pieces that were featured in somerset studio's holidays and celebrations magazine.

enjoy your week.


claire barone art said...


Diane Duda said...

i love her too!

Anonymous said...

Love her!! I am so ready for spring to:) I don't know why we live in Michigan as all my husband and I complain about the cold. Can't wait to see your valentine pieces!!Elma

Micki Wilde said...

She's beautiful, I hate the winter too, i'm all about the spring baby ;)

btw I seem to have not recieved my invite to your CrafTEA ladies night, whats up with that then eh? lol ;)

Hugs for you and your lovely boys

Micki x

Cris said...

I love the new painting! The cut out roses are sweet. Funny, I just painted a picture of a vase of roses that I will be posting on my blog soon--I guess we have spring on our minds!

Flor Larios Art said...

Lovely and peaceful painting! Love it!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Oh Tracy, you make me laugh! And your work makes me smile. Happy New Year to you and continued success ~ your work is so deserving.

Ciao bella,

Diane said...


julie king said...

love this new piece, tracy -- the colors and the serene expression on her face!!