Tuesday, January 18, 2011


what i'm up to today in pictures.

domestic bliss.


julie king said...

good for you! i love my domestic bliss as well!!

claire barone art said...

i need some laundry doing .... or will i paint all day mmmm .... love the circus man is he finished carnt wait to see him x

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

That is exactly how I feel most of the time...balancing fish on my head (which I think is hilarious and wonderful)! Our home is a disaster right now (laundry in the process of being folded gets "accidentally" unfolded, Legos underfoot, dishes in sink, phone ringing and four kids asking for food or to play with a friend and it's 16 degrees outside with snow covering everything including the van. Ah, domestic bliss. I wanted this when I was 23 right!? And yet, in the craziness of it all, I feel blessed beyond measure and somehow there is time to do creative stuff and breathe (the laundry and dishes can wait). Life is truly beautiful even with fish on my head :)