Sunday, January 16, 2011


what i'm doing today. 

 i spent hours working on these little guys.
punching, gluing, punching, gluing.

 the light green is a craft paper and the blue and
darker green are tickets.

i have also been painting the trim.
after the flood, when all of the floors were replaced,
 they put on new trim that was only primed.
i've been putting off this job for a few months.
trim in every room in the house needs to be taped off and painted.
some day it will be finished.

for any masterpiece theatre fans, part two of
 downton abbey is on tonight.
can't wait!

happy sunday! 


julie king said...

oh i just love these fish!! it is worth every minute that you spent creating!!

pinkglitterfae said...

oh my gosh, that artwork is awesome!! I hope you found it relaxing at least, lol!

Diane Duda said...

the fish are amazing, tracy! i mean, REALLY!!!

Micki Wilde said...

Love those fish, they are awesome, so much detail going on there!!

I knew you'd like downton abbey, I thought it was a fab series and can't wait for the next one rumoured to be aired in Autumn this year in the uk :)

Micki x

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Love your fish! They are beautiful.

Ciao bella,

Christine said...

Your new pieces look awesome Tracey~love the scales especially!! Hope all is going well:)

michelle said...

Loving Downtown Abbey!