Monday, March 28, 2011

baseball season and working hard

it's officially spring here since baseball practice has begun.
familiar questions like,
"Mom, where are my baseball pants?"
and my favorite,
"MOM!!! Have you seen my cup?"

i recall seeing it somewhere.

further proof that my kids will make a toy out of anything.

my work is being hung in the gallery this week so
i have been trying my best to get some things finished.
i was pleasantly caught a little off guard by being
able to display so many things this month.

being crunched for time,
i mainly concentrated on smaller pieces.
i love to do large pieces but haven't worked on
too many because of the higher prices and shipping costs.
 the gallery will be the perfect place to display them.

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
back to the studio:)


Patrichter said...

Great use of the cup in off season. I see your boys are creative like you! LOL
Love the houses

CourtneyP said...

Love the houses! Too funny,I have had the same conversations with my baseball guys too. I find those darn cups in the most intersting places too. Boys!

julie king said...

i love how resourceful your boys are. hee hee your work is lovely, as always!!

Heather said...

Ah, hurray for kiddie activities ;) we're just now getting into that. We do dance class now...but I'm sure more things will come once she's in school! I love those little collage houses! Too cute! Congrats on the gallery!~!

Irene said...

Thanks for the laugh, and bringing back those memories. :)