Tuesday, March 22, 2011


finally, spring is here.

alex and his buddy christian work on hiding their fort on sunday.
monday however was cold and wet.
it's amazing how the weather can change so suddenly!

and so the outdoor home improvments begin.
today the new fence is being installed.

the old fence.
probably 20 plus years old so it has had a good life.

the guys just finished ripping out the old fence.
i love the open feel but it's not safe for the kids,
plus there is no privacy for when i sun bathe in the nude.
i have always wanted a conversation set for the patio instead of the traditional patio dining set
so i found this inexpensive set at walmart.
i always try to get a set that is sturdy and one that i will be able to spraypaint
 if it gets ratty and rusty so this set fit the bill.
next, a new red patio umbrella.
i'm really digging this umbrella from ballard.
i LOVE the black and sand striped one!
red?......black and sand stripe??
i don't know.
they are calling for snow later this week but by the power of positive thinking,
i am willing this not to happen.

and.......tomorrow is my interview with the art gallery.
i hope it all goes well:)
wish me luck.

well, i have two sick boys home with me so i'm off to play nurse.
have a wonderful day, wherever you are!


Janel said...

the black and sand stripe for sure! perhaps red cushions or big red pots with flowers??

have a good one!

The Vintage Sister said...

great idea janel!! thanks:)

Indigo Wings said...

Great idea--love the conversation set-- you need a fire pit too so you can sit out there and relax by the fire!
Thanks for entering my giveaway--your chances are great right now, as you are only the second person to enter--maybe I'm just trying too hard to get my blog off the ground.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Trisha said...

Good luck with your interview, I can't wait to hear how it goes.

julie king said...

i love that the boys are trying to hide their tent! such fun! it is alternating between winter and spring here every couple of days. big sigh! i like the black and white umbrella and also janel's idea for red pots and cushions.