Saturday, March 5, 2011

coffee or tea?

so which do you prefer?
like i said in my last post,
i prefer tea.
i love the smell of coffee,
i don't like the taste.
i like coffee flavoured desserts,
but i can't drink it.
go figure.

i find coffee people funny.
the people who will just die without it.
the people who put so much extra stuff in it that it
probably isn't considered coffee anymore.
the people who carry a cup around like a best friend.
are you one of those people?
i'm just jealous.
i love my tea
but i don't luuuuuuuuurve my tea.

so with this subject in mind,
this is what i just added to my shop.

Both sets are
thank you LISA!!!

they started out as these cute little hooks from the christmas tree shop
and i just paint and papered them up!
I only bought two sets so they are going to be a limited edition.

i'm off to the studio for a little more work.
i hope you're enjoying your weekend,
wherever you are!!


Dolly said...

Eeeek...... I love the red polka dot tea set!

Its funny because I love the smell of coffee and love the smell of the variety of flavored coffees.... BUT can not stand the taste! Not even a hint of coffee taste in anything! UGH.
But I do luuuuurve my tea!
Hubby too!
We own a coffee pot but use it only for when company comes!

Thanks for the smiles!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Micki Wilde said...

Those are sooooo cute, love them!!

I am a coffee drinker but I don't luuuuurve coffee, I like mine stong and white with 2 sugars, nothing fancy, occassionally i'll have a cappucino but not often, I guess i'm boring lol ;)

If I do have a cup of tea (which is almost never) then the only brand I can drink is 'yorkshire tea' I just don't like any other at all, i've tried loads but can't stomach them.


Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I love these! They are just too cute.

I like both really...but, drink more coffee. I do have to admit though - I think I add so much stuff my cup would be considered dessert rather than a cup of coffee. :) I don't need to drink it every day, thank goodness. The "best friend" coffee made me laugh. Too funny!! I love a nice cup of relaxing tea too. So yummy!

Julie-ann F Bowden said...

Your made them so much better!
I luuurve Tea! It settles my tummy after of bout of chocolate, he,he, he!

LMG said...

Wish there would be more coming, and I vote for tea.

Trisha said...

These turned out so great, I love red polka dots!! I am a tea person, just plain, none of that flavored stuff. (except peppermint if I have a stomach ache). I love the smell of coffee, but can't stand the taste in anything.

Isabel said...

adorable!!! So creative!!!!:O)

Indigo Wings said...

So adorable--I love the hooks. Did you go to the Christmas Tree Store in Cherry Hill? I see we are both local--wish there was a CTS a bit closer.
I love coffee--but lately have switched to green tea with honey. Either way I can't start my morning without a warm cup-a something.

Heather said...

Arent these sweet? How fun! I am on a coffee kick lately. I go through phases :) I think its because sometimes I get the craving for something rich, and I feel better about coffee than cocoa all the time ;) its probably more 'grown up' too, lol...

Wilton Winrow said...

Oh, these works of art are really something to be loved! They're just as adorable as tea and coffee.

Choosing between coffee and tea is quite a tall order. A cup of tea is refreshing, while a cup of coffee is energizing. There's just so much to love about the two, that it's really hard to choose. But they're both healthy in their own ways; from getting us detoxified [coffee] to even making our teeth healthier [tea]!