Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Garden

this clematis started as a seedling the size of my pinkie finger

I love spring.
I love to take walks around my yard,
observing how my plant have grown since the day before.
I say my plants because they have all been planted by me.
Every single one.
When we purchased this home, there was nothing in the backyard.
I have always dreamed of a garden of my own.
A place to plant and read and dream.
My garden of 12 years is finally starting to fill out and take shape. 
I'm not a patient person but gardening has made me 
understand that all good things come to those who wait.
Being a stay at home mom and having a small budget for gardening has taught me to 
buy things small and allow them to grow.
I've learned, I'm in no hurry.

This honeysuckle vine started in a one gallon container. Now six years later,
it attracts hummingbirds all day long.

 My favorite place to visit is my hosta garden.

 Some day soon, I plan for no ground to show.
Only perennials.

 The rose bush in the center is a four year old knockout rose.
I love them!!

 Red knockout rose with a yellow climbing rose behind it.

I know my garden isn't yet the garden of my dreams but I know it will be
someday soon.


Janet Ghio said...

Your garden is just beautiful!! The clematis is a knockout and I love the bird house in the honeysuckle! Now that we live in a condo, I miss my gardens!!

Elma said...

Oh I love your garden!!! Thanks for sharing:)

claire barone art said...

oh soo lovely the colours are glorious xx

jen duncan said...

So nice! I can totally tell you spend time in it. Guess that's what it takes. ;-)

Isabel said...

A BEAUTIFUL Peaceful garden:O) Have a great week:O)

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

You should be very proud to have such a beautiful garden xx

julie king said...

your garden is lovely!! i had a few honeysuckle vines similar to yours and i loved them. but each year they were plagued with aphids and i had to get rid of all of them. so sad!

thanks for the package i received in the mail. i love every little thing you sent! good trade!!

Clare said...

you garden is beautiful - there is something very special about growing a garden and digging in the dirt - i never wear gloves i like to get my hands dirty. i agree that spring is a beautiful season - its all about waking up and stretching, growing and becoming new again. at the moment we are going into autumn is SA, which is also a beautiful time as everything takes a rest, recharges and slows down.

nacherluver said...


Indigo Wings said...

Such lovely flowers--such a treat! Enjoy it.

Melanie Statnick said...

I love your work in Somerset and I'm so happy I found your blog!
Gardening is one of past times..When i'm not creating..Lovely photos

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

your garden is so pretty I wish I was better at gardening im so jealous