Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy and Exciting!

Hello Friends,
I've been away dealing with the end of school year madness that we all experience with young, school age children. Field day, field trips, end of year parties, you know the deal. 
Baseball is finally over..for now until we start summer baseball camp.

Alex (right) with his best buddy Jared getting their trophies.

 Last month Mt. Laurel baseball walked around Citizen's Bank Park,
home of the Phillies.

 Jake and Alex are in the middle, wearing yellow.

Jake on the jumbotron.

Now for some business news!
Sppokytime Jingles is having a little bit of an issue with their website so it was temporarily moved to for this month.
Be sure to stop by and shop for fabulous Halloween and Christmas items.
Here are my contributions for this month.

In other VERY exciting news...........

This is my artwork in a collection that has been submitted to TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so, so praying that this works out. As far as I know, it's down to me and two other artists.
I'm so in love with those reading glasses! 
If you could please send your positive thoughts in my general direction,
 it would be greatly appreciated:) 

Enjoy your day and I promise to try and blog more often!!


Janel said...


I would buy one of EVERYTHING! I love it all Tracy! How cool is that, Congratulations!

Target is my second home. If i was shopping and all of sudden saw your art I would do a happy dance in the isle! It is all so stinkin' cute!

Keeping my fingers crossed!

The Vintage Sister said...

LOL, Thanks Janel!!!

Isabel said...

Sending great vibes!!! But you are a shoo in!!! Love your art:O) have a great week:O)

CourtneyP said...

How totally cool is that!!!! You are so going to be at Target!

Sabrina said...

Lot's of good thoughts going your way. Target would be soooo cool. It's way better to have your things at a place where everyone can enjoy them!!!! They would be crazy not to lunge on those products!

Diane Duda said...

I love Target and can so picture seeing these beautiful products there! Oh please, oh please. :)