Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ok, now what?

Hello Friends,
I hope yo all had a wonderful holiday.
So the big day is over, now what?

Me, I'm just looking forward to getting my life back to normal.
 I love my husband and kids being home but this constant state of disorganization is getting to me.
The house is a mess with toys, books and clothing covering every flat, and not so flat surface.
Cookies, candy and other not so good for you foods still linger in the kitchen.
Laundry has piled up and I need to do a proper grocery shopping.

These hats would be nice if the temperature would go below 50 degrees here.

 Alex eating candy at 7:30 in the morning staring at the Lego project.
He looks like I feel, lol.

I have been working on some new things for my blog and Etsy shop.
A new look is coming, here is my sketch...

And I'm also going to be making a whole new line of jewelry, block prints and tea towels!
I'm so excited!!


Sabrina said...

We have similar scenes in our house. I feel like I'm wiping down the kitchen and emptying the dishes in the sink 4 times a day, but when I look around there is more left out again. Don't even start with me on the laundry piles!

Love the sneak peek of your new "look" and can't wait to see what is coming in 2012 from your studio.

I really appreciate your work, and want to know more about how you get it all done with the family!! I have 3 kids, and I feel like I should be able to get more done when they're in school during the day — but it never seems to work out!!

Anyway, keep it up, and you have an avid following cheering you on!

Elma said...

My house is the same way!!! Uggg I can't stand the mess:( None of us feel good as we are eating so much junk that keeps comming to our door:( Just got today two boxes of the yummy Godiva :) Al like give it away but this stuff is so expensive we need to save it for another day:(
I can't wait to get the house back to normal.
Love the pictures, my little one got a lot of lego to and I just love how they can build for hours on end and make such neat stuff. I also bought the boys Geomag which they really play with alot to.
Happy New Year!!

Isabel said...

Boy I so understand, everywhere I turn there is a mess...not good for a neat freak like me, its worse this time because my back is killing me and im going slow. Loving the new look and look forward to more awesome art in 2012!!!Happy New Year:O)

Irene said...

Same here at my house. I think your new look will be great. I am also contimplating on a new look for my blog. Guess I should start working on it.