Thursday, April 26, 2012

Going Junkin!

Hello Friends,
Tomorrow I leave for my annual Sister's Weekend in Adamstown, PA. If you have been reading my blog for a few years, you know how much I look forward to this trip. Usually it's just my sister and myself but this year we are bringing our honorary sister, Marie!  

We LOVE to hit the outdoor flea markets like Shupp's Grove and Renningers in Kutztown.

At night we visit a lot of the indoor antique malls. Our favorite is Mad Hatter Antiques.

It doesn't look like much from the outside but the inside is FABULOUS!
Filled with tons and tons of booths.

My Sis.

Silly pictures of us at Mad Hatter last fall.

I usually try to buy for my vintage shop and a few things for my garden but this year I have a project in mind....

The shed looks a little sad in this pic. In season it's surrounded by pink and red roses.

I want to fix up my garden shed. I was thinking of painting it a pretty periwinkle blue with the white trim and maybe cherry red doors. I had the brilliant idea of decorating the front with vintage dishes in pinks, whites and reds, but I have boys who repeatedly hit the shed with baseballs so that's not going to work. Plan B may be hanging vintage garden hand tools. Or maybe I'll just wait and see what inspires me while I'm away.

My wish list includes:

*1 old window to cover the ugly shed window
*small shutters or something to give the appearance of shutters
*fabric to make outdoor pillows for the patio furniture
*wash basin or large container to replace my fountain (which has a hole in it)

My garden is finally starting to grow into itself. Many of the things I have planted are in their third and fourth year. The vines and roses are finally climbing the trellis and you can see less and less of the mulch in the flower beds.

I will share pictures when I return! 

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