Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spring Wardrobe

OMG! Why does it seem like when you just want to post a little something real quick, your computer decides it wants to go soooooo slooooow! I think mine is tired of this dreary winter weather and is ready for spring. We haven't had any snow in NJ (to my kids dismay) but we have more than made up for it in rain. I like a relaxing rainy day every once in a while but this is crazy. I feel like I live in Seattle! No offense to the rainy city but I need a little sun to brighten my spirits....not to mention all of the walking I'm not doing to burn off the half bag of Valentine Sweet Tarts I ate this morning:) I love candy!

Anyway..... this rant brings me to a more happy subject. I bought this great little skirt on Etsy the other day. The shop owner is Karina Potestio and her work is wonderful. I love how she mixes great fabrics with birds. Karina had just sold a similar skirt and was kind enough to order more of the polka dot fabric for me. I love, love, love green and white dots! So, here I am, waiting for spring so I can wear my new green skirt with a tank top and flip flops. Check out her shop for some springy goodness of your own!

Have a happy, sunny day!


Kim H. said...

OMG that skirt is to die for! I love it! Hard to think about spring today- we have 12 inches of snow on the ground and 6-8 more before it is all said and done! Most everything is closed today- the mall, the clinic's, school....but not DH work :(

michelle said...

So cute! Now all you need is an easter bonnet and you are set for spring!