Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tagging My Sister

Hello Friends,
It's been a busy few days here at The Vintage Sister house. I haven't been doing much painting....on canvas, but I have been painting furniture. I've been working on fixing up my studio since it sits in the middle of my house and is seen by everyone who enters my home. As all of you messy crafters know, this can be problematic. Our house is a ranch style with an open floor plan which I love. But when you first walk in, you can basically see every room except for the bedrooms. My studio is in the dining room since we never bothered to purchase a formal dining room set. We are not a formal family! I think in the spring we are going to remodel my studio....put on some french doors, new flooring...blah, blah, blah. I'll post pictures when everything is finished.
On another note, my artistic style is in need of change. As I noted before, I get bored very easily. My mind is constantly going and I have had many sleepless nights lately because I have had this painting in my head that I just couldn't get on to paper. But the other day I FINALLY! worked and worked until I got it the way it was in my dream. Now I have a million more ideas for dolls, paintings and even pillows. You can get a peek of my newest painting on my sisters blog.
Speaking of my sister.............she is also an Etsy seller who makes handbags out of recycled fabrics. She has been doing this for years and her stuff is great. I have a ton of her bags! So with this I am going to tag my sister so she can tell us 5 random things about herself!
Have a great day!


michelle said...

Happy painting! It is always so much work to tackle those sorts of projects but makes life so nice!

Jenn said...

how fun to know about your sister! LOVE the painting Tracy...especially those polka dots!! Good luck with the studio remodel. Hooray for spaces of our very own!! xox

Mandy said...

Tracy, I took your advice and started an eco-friendly tip on my blog. Today is the first installment. Love, your tree-huggin' sibling.