Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How Green is Your Studio?

I was looking at my work area the other night and I started thinking of some of the ways we artists can reuse and recycle and have a "Green" studio. Here are a few things that I do when I work to conserve....

1. I use torn newspaper or used copy paper to cover my canvases to add texture. Just use gel medium to glue it to the canvas and then give it a coat of gesso. Or you can skip the gesso and let some of the print peek through.

2. When we go out to eat, the wait staff always gives us more napkins than we can use. I always stuff them in my bag to use when I paint. Fast food places always give you a ton of napkins too.
Save them, they're free!

3. I never use throw-away pallets. Buy them in plastic at the craft store for only a dollar or two. You'll be saving trees and landfill space.

4. I save tissue paper and any packing material I receive to use later to ship my own packages. I also use plastic bags from Target, Walmart, etc. to wrap my paintings to protect them from possible water damage and cushion my packages.

If you do anything in your studio that may help the environment leave a comment! I'd like some more ideas.

Here is my latest "Nest Head". I'm not sure where I'm going to sell her yet but I'll let you know!

And here is a little peek at my newest Halloween doll.

Have a great day!


Kim H. said...

Wonderful Green studio ideas! I do all the same things! I love your halloween people! You new ladies is so awesome!

~dani~ said...

Oh honey I just love your skelly!!! How fun! Ok, so I too am very green conscience with my art. It makes me feel so good about it. Here are a few things..

I use paperclay because it is made from volcanic ash. 100% natural no chemicals like polymer.

I save all jelly jars and cans and use them as drink glasses if large enough or containers to hold my art goodies.
Along with reusing packing materials (I NEVER buy new)
I break down the used Priority mail boxes I get or use new ones if in a pinch from the P.O. for my work surface to paint and sculpt on. (Newspaper is too messy for me) They will last weeks b/c I flip them over and then turn them on the inside to have a new clean surface.

I unplug all of my art tools when done b/c even when off they still pull energy when plugged in.

When I make my paper mache crosses I use empty wine, olive bottles for my base. I have even used a Heinz ketchup bottle one time and it came out great, I think. In fact all of my crosses are made from found or recycled objects. Here's a peek~

That's enough for now...;)

michelle said...

I love the halloween people! They are sooooo wonderful! Oh, and miss nest head is so great too. Let's see what do I do? I recycle packing stuff too, we may have the same bunch of bubble wrap passing around blogland! I use walmart sacks too and sometimes when I am sending a stuffie of soft doll I know won't break I send them in a used cracker box wrapped in something. Thanks for getting us to think about it!

Jillian said...

Although my studio can range from framing photos to selling antiques here goes...

I save the junk mail and shred it up in my paper shredder to use as packaging material.

We save any kind of shopping bag and donate it to the antique mall where we have a booth...they use them as their bags when purchases are made.

I make price tags out of used greeting cards.

I sometimes recycle printer paper when I don't need it anymore to make my shipping labels.

Dear hubs brings home used boxes from where he works for me to well as the post office has started giving them to me!

I always did this without giving i a label of "being green"...but I guess I'm looking kind of like Kermit at this point!

Hope this helps!



Diane Duda said...

Great ideas!
I also use Wal-mart/grocery bags in my packaging. I just hope that the people on the other end dispose of them properly.

Love the new creations!!!

Trevlyn said...

Hey Tracy! I loved that you dropped by! Your "Nest Head" is gorgeous and I your green-ness is very inspiring!

I love "upcycling" my daughter's used clothing, along with thrift store clothes/fabrics into my little creations.

Thanks for your suggestions...I need to be more aware and DO more for our dear Mother Earth!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Tracy, Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

Your paintings are wonderful. I love your halloween dolls too.

Hope to see you again. I will add you to my Kimhardtoriginals blog.